Price Lists:

Price List

Advertisement Website

A Website to advertise your business and what you do, around 5-8 photos and contact details


Basic Website

Advertisement Website including Google maps location and a price list


Advanced Website

Basic website including a gallery of the work you have done


Premium Website

Advanced website including online booking system designed and tailored to your business


Platinum Website

Premium website including a pay now system integrated into your website


Small Shop Website

Platinum website including a shopping basket and a small amount of item for sale


Medium Shop website

Small shop website including a larger amount of items for sale


eCommerce Websites


Large shop/ Takeaway Website

Medium shop website including unlimited items for sale/ interactive menu



Full eCommerce Website

Large shop/ Takeaway Website including full eCommerce functionality



All websites can be tailored to your needs. So you can choose what you would like and get a tailored quote for your business.